Xissor's Commissions

Message me on discord @Xissor#1292 or email me at [email protected] to request a commission!


BustHalf BodyFull Body
●Sketch(~$2) ●Colored Sketch(~$3) ●Lineart + Color(~$5)●Sketch(~$5) ●Colored Sketch(~$8) ●Lineart + Color(~$11)●Sketch(~$10) ●Colored Sketch(~$15) ●Lineart + Color(~$24)

These prices are rough estimates for the piece and will vary depending on level of detail, background, and amount of characters. Please ask with specifics for exact prices

Art Content

What I will DoWhat I won't do
●Simple Mechs/robots ●Anthros/Furrys ●Humans/Humanoids●Complicated Mechs ●Anything Bigoted ●Pedophilia/Incest/etc

If something you want drawn is not on this list; message me and ask. I will most likely be okay with it, but I do reserve the right to not draw anything I am uncomfortable with/feel I cannot accomplish satisfactorily.

Terms of Service

●You must be 18+ or have a legal guardian’s permission and help to commission me. If you lie about your age you will be blacklisted.
Paypal only, USD. I will send an invoice.
●Half of payment should be sent before, and the other half of the payment must be sent within 48 hours after completion unless otherwise negotiated.
●I do not usually post commissions. You are free to do so on your own social media or you may request I post them if you like!
●If you wish to edit the image after it is done, message me again. I will do it for you free of charge the first time and will charge a small fee subsequent times.
●Please provide a reference image for the character(s); if needed, you can describe the character in text for an extra 10% of the cost of the commission.

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